We consider results to be at the forefront of our service. The day to day operations are an extension of our effort to serve our customers; therefore, we understand the importance of hiring professionals with experience and knowledge of the healthcare industry. Our experienced staff is comprised of auditors who have managed a wide range of medical overpayment services, including:

  • Comprehensive and Proven Proprietary Algorithms
  • Diagnosis-Related Group Validation
  • Durable Medical Equipment (DME)
  • Eligibility and Retro-Terms
  • Duplicate Claims
  • Medical Pharmacy Audits
  • Hospital Bill Audit (On-site)
  • Provider Billing Compliance
  • Contract Compliance

MicroVu specializes in data mining allowing us to detect and recover hard to find overpayments. In addition, we offer various targeted recovery services for medical and drug claims that make our service offering a unique value proposition.



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