MicroVu is one of the only overpayment recovery firms to service all markets in the health plan space.  With successful recoveries in the millions for plans, MicroVu offers its proven results and unique targeted data mining audits to some of the Nation’s most prominent health plan clients and Medicaid plans.  Our services also include itemized Hospital Bill Audit (HBA) solutions for both health plans and thirds party payers.

Managed Care Organizations

MicroVu offers our proven technology and expert team to perform overpayment recovery for managed care commercial lines of business. We are presently working with some of the largest managed care organizations in the United States to help detect and recover hard to find overpaid claims. Our proprietary ARMS© (Audit Recovery Management Software) system efficiently and effectively reprices 100% of a plan’s claims.

Medicaid Plans

Our audit management team has years of direct experience auditing Medicaid claims for the two largest managed Medicaid plans in the United States. MicroVu offers State Medicaid Plans the ability to reprocess 100% of claims validating contract pricing, plan specific edits along with many proven, customized algorithms. We are working closely with large State Medicaid Plans, as well as with Managed Medicaid plans.

Third Party Administrators

MicroVu offers a bundle of unique and targeted overpayment identification services to TPAs. MicroVu offers true retrospective data mining, as well as, highly effective analytics for pharmacy claims, both inpatient and outpatient. Our proven recovery process allows TPAs to offer “large managed care” type audits without any risk.

Self-funded Employee Plans

Since our inception, MicroVu has specialized in providing overpayment recovery services to self-funded employers, both publicly and privately held, cities, counties, school districts, police, fire, labor, union and the Federal Government. Today, we offer leading data analytics, working cooperatively with claims processors (ASOs and many TPAs) nationwide to identify areas of overpayments and offering savings to the plan.


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